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Bergen ImproStorband was started by Ole Andre Farstad and John Hegre in September 2011. The band is open to any musician/artist with an interest in improvisation, and by May 2013 we have done more than 30 concerts, projects and seminars involving over 100 musicians in Bergen. Ole Andre Farstad is the daily manager and leader of the band.

We are organized as a stiftelse and we have a board consisting of:

Ole Andre Farstad

Daily manager and contact

Olav Tveitane

Board member

Silje Solberg

Board member

John Hegre

Board leader

Tolga Balci

Board member

Bjørn Ognøy

Board member

To become a member and recieve information about participation in upcoming projects and concerts please write an email to

We also encourage you to take an active part in the band, if you have ideas and things you want to try out, or suggestions for future projects please get in touch. Check out our page on facebook too.


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