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Bergen ImproStorband is a collective of musicians and artists in Bergen with an interest in experimenting with and exploring improvisation in a large group setting. Our work is project based and we realize around 5-10 projects a year. Invitation to projects is by email.  If you are interested in joining our mailinglist please write to us on

We are of today around 130 artists on our mailinglist, an avarage of 10-15 people participate in each project. We encourage new artists to join us, and especially we would encourage more women to get involved. We can offer the oportunity to participate in exiting projects led by leading figures in the improvising scene in Norway and abroad. We also ecourage members to initatate projects, we can fasilitate and help realize ideas and experiments you may have.

Please contact us at bergenimprostorband at to join our mailinglist,

buy our LP or if you have any other enquiries.


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BIS is led by Ole Andre Farstad & John Hegre as artistic directors & managers

Other board members are: Olav Tveitane, Silje Solberg, Tolga Balci & Bjørn Ognøy