Bergen Improstorband celebrates 10 years of free improvised music!

The two-day festival, which was held at Gyldenpris Kunsthall was a great success, and gave us an opportunity to look back at the ten years gone by and everything we have accomplished. To celebrate we chose to continue our work with children, where we invite children to conduct the BIS. For the occasion a local kindergarten was invited to perform with us. We then had the pleasure of revisiting two of our previous works with Per Jørgensen and Else Olsen Storesund & Solveig Sørheim.

Day one of the festival was headlined by Per Jørgensen and BIS. We continued the work we previously had done with Per last year and ended the night with a “improv-tombola”, where small groups of musicians where chosen at random to perform together.

On the second day we revisited the piece ARV, written by Else Olsen Storesund and Solveig Sørheim. Again, the night ended with several small group concerts. It was great to work with both Else and Per again and we look forward to more collaborations.

Musicians: Per Jørgensen / Else Olsen Storesund / Gyldenpris Barnehage / Bjørn Ognøy / Bodil Rørtveit / Eline Rafteseth / Guro Kverndokken /Ole André Farstad / Arne Sandvoll / John Hegre / Sindre Sortland / Espen Lund / Peter Laustsen / Lars Nordtveit / Mikkel Nordtveit / Sondre Pettersen / Michal Jahoda / Eik Stavem / Torger Hustoft

All photos: Stig Andersson