The fall 2020 has been a roller coaster for us in terms of juggling the different covid 19 restrictions on arrangements. We where lucky to be able to do the project with Per Jørgensen, and we had a nice conducting concert with children at Krapyl in August. But we’ve had to postpone the projects with Natalie Sandtorv and Else Olsen Storesund/Solveig Sørheim until we are able to gather people in a workshop and concert space in 2021.  Dates and information will be announced as soon as we know more


So hopefully 2021 start of with singer Natalie Sandtorv who is establishing herself on the international music scene, she just released her second solo album Heart Echoes on Jazzland recordings. Natalie was active with BIS the first years we started up, when she was a student at Griegakademiet.


Else Olsen Storesund another central figure in the Bergen contemporary experimental music scene. With a speciality on prepared piano, open form, graphic scores etc we have challenged Else to bring some of her experience and methods to the table. She will also be joined by composer Solveig Sørheim to lead us in this project.


2021 is also the 10th anniversary for Bergen ImproStorband and we are exited for what the year will bring. We have a few very exiting projects planned. Information will follow in early 2021.


Instrument building

We also remind you that we have a project running longterm where our goal is to have a branch of home-made instruments orchestra. In collaboration with WRAP, Sindre Sortland & Arne Sandvoll are leading the buliding workshops, where you can work at your own pace, build and develop your own instrument. Follow our facebook for events coming up for these building workshops too.