I samarbeid med Festspillene i Bergen sørget Bergen Impro Storband for musikalsk motivasjon for deltagerne på 7-fjellsturen søndag 28. mai. 


BIS giving the soundtrack to the yearly 7 mountain trip in Bergen 28 may 2017

In collaboration with Festspillene i Bergen, BIS contributed with musical energybars for the participants along the 7 fjellstur, the yearly event in Bergen where people go up all 7 mountains during one day.

BIS was devided in two groups for this event, playing in 6 different spots along the route at different times during the day. Team A was acoustic based ( but there where a few battery driven instruments, like the fantastic carhorn organ Sindre Sortland and Arne Sandvoll had built for the occation ) Team B was amplified and played LOUD from the top of Ulriken, the highest point on the route, to the enjoyment of some, and irritation for others, but hey, art is not always there to please.

Musicians: Sindre Sortland, John Hegre, Eline Rafteseth, Nils Are Drønen, Bjørn Ognøy, Espen Lund, Arne Sandvoll, Alexander Fiske Fosse, Owen Weaver, Lars Nordtveit, Mikkel Nordtveit, Peter Laustsen, Rene Misje.

Video showing Team B at the top of Ulriken, and Team A around Svartediket and Årstad VGS