To improvise together with a church organ gives a lot of possibilities, also given the acoustic space of the church. From the soft pianissimo small sounds to big soundscapes riding on the rooms resonance.

The main idea for this project was to explore all these possibilities and how the church organ can be combined with other instruments, electronic and acoustic. Church organist and composer Ruth Bakke was guiding this project together with composer Eilert Tøsse. 

During the rehearsals we went to the loft of the church and found a big collection of organ pipes that had been in the churchs organ before they where changed. As part of our concert we made a piece with everyone in the band playing on these pipes while wandering around the space. Here is a little video snippet from rehearsing that part.

Musicians: Ruth Bakke, Eilert Tøsse, Alan O Raghallaigh, Bjørn Ognøy, Espen Lund, Olav Tveitane, Ole Andre Farstad, Ivan Andre Paulsen, Alexander Fiske Fosse, Knut Olai Mjøs Helle, Oscar Holmberg Lewe, Ferdinand Weinberger.